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Great lengths

If you’re teasing with the idea of hair extensions or have already taken the plunge, here’s what you need to know about maintaining those luscious locks. I love mixing up my hair styles. From auburn to pink, pixie cut to super long, I’ve played with a bit of everything. Lately I’m loving a really long, […]

What Science is Saying About Massages

Let’s talk massage. I’m a huge fan of them (as in, I’d get one every day if I could). And while I’d love to go on for ages about how much I enjoy the darn things, I want to focus instead on a little bit of science and a whole lot of interesting stats. Now […]

GLAMGLOW Skincare Saviuors: Get Your Hands on Them!

Get a camera-ready complexion with the help of two new GlamGlow skincare saviours – Star Potion and Tropicalcleanse – now available at all our branches across the UAE.
 Best known for giving celebrities their red carpet glow, the Hollywood-based brand’s shiny new formulas will keep you looking flawless at all times. Achieve superstar skin with […]

The Truth About Blondes

There’s an old saying blondes have more fun. At Tips & Toes this season Hair Artistic Director Catherine Hawkes is exploring this notion by brightening up her client’s dos. “Tips and Toes are introducing the new blonde menu to showcase what you can do with different blondes and what is the best after care for […]

Reboot Your Skin With The New ANESI Harmonie Facial at Tips & Toes

Indulging in regular facials is not a luxury anymore. With all the harsh elements that affect our skin daily from humidity to sand blowing in the air, to UV rays, facials become a necessity rather than a once-in-a-while treat. And that’s why finding a spa which provides great facials at suitable prices and with impeccable […]

If You Think You Are Clean, Then do a Moroccan Hammam And Think Again!

The Moroccan Hammam has always been on my spa bucket list. I’ve heard so much about its benefits for the skin and body and its relaxing qualities. But I kept delaying the idea of actually having one for many reasons such as lack of time, desire to do a massage instead, not wanting to wet […]

Launch Alert

BUBBLESHEET MASK – AED 41The ‘Bubblesheet Mask’ is an oxygenating deep cleanse mask made with Green Tea ‘TEAOXI®’ that works to reveal glowing, deeply purified skin in just three minutes. Foaming with enriching charcoal and invigorating ingredients to instantly detoxify and cleanse skin. SUPERCLEANSE 150ML/5FLOZ – AED 135.50A new star of the show, The ‘Supercleanse’ […]

Blossoming Bumps

Yummy Mummies rejoice as we introduce a special new service for expecting mothers – the Pregnancy Massage. This perfect prenatal treatment promises to relax, reduce stress and promote wellness for you and your precious one It will help to alleviate many of the usual discomforts you are bound to experience during your pregnancy. Create a balancing effect that […]

What’s The First Thing He Notices About You?

Whether it’s a casual meet-up or a date, opposite sexes notice different things about each other. While a man might notice your eyes or specific parts of your body first, you might probably notice his smile or facial proportions. We set our best scientists and researchers to find out where his eyes will land first; […]


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