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Great lengths

If you’re teasing with the idea of hair extensions or have already taken the plunge, here’s what you need to know about maintaining those luscious locks.

I love mixing up my hair styles. From auburn to pink, pixie cut to super long, I’ve played with a bit of everything.

Lately I’m loving a really long, super boho look. To achieve those below-the-shoulder locks overnight, I use Beauty Works Middle East tape-in hair extensions, and Tips & Toes for the cut / colour / application.

Maintaining this new hair takes a fair bit of patience and work — and, as I learned during my first round of extensions, is easy to get wrong. So just how do you get things right?

“First, you must use a soft-bristle brush when combing your hair,” says Catherine Hawkes, Tips & Toes hair director. “Or a Tangle Teezer and never use any oils on your scalp.” Oils can loosen the bonds, meaning your hair will start to slip.

Working out, sun and even Bikram studios are all fine, says Catherine. “Just use protection like you would on your own hair, such as an Uber spray.” Keep in mind that extensions tangle easily — particularly when doing vigorous exercise. Solve this by making sure to brush and braid your hair before sweating a lot.

Using a silk pillow will help keep your hair smooth. Also avoid pulling too much at the roots.

As for salt water or chlorine, I personally try to avoid extensive exposure to either while wearing my tape-ins. If I have a trip to Bali or something with plenty of ocean time, I pop into the salon to get them taken out.

Finally, make sure to maintain your hair. “Come in every six weeks for a touch-up,” says Catherine. Otherwise the glue starts to go funny, the bonds start to stick out in weird ways, and an expensive style begins to look cheap.

Overall, I absolutely love my extensions. They’re definitely more work than my normal hair, but with a few simple changes in my routine, it all feels quite simple.

By Danae Mercer

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