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Nail Care


Basic Manicure 85.00
Basic Pedicure 100.00
Nail Cut & File 30.00
Express Manicure 90.00
Express Pedicure 105.00
Polish Change 55.00
Gel Manicure 130.00
Gel French Manicure 140.00
Gel Pedicure 145.00
Gel Polish Change 85.00
Russian Manicure 120.00
Russian Pedicure 140.00
Little Princess Manicure 50.00
Little Princess Pedicure 50.00


Experience our strengthening Manicure & Pedicure that lasts over three weeks, ideal for thin, delicate nails. It prevents chipping, lifts, and offers a natural, self-levelling look for plump, healthy nails.
Manicure 210.00
Pedicure 125.00
Soigne Removal 50.00

Hands OR Feet Treatments

Nature’s Lab
Pamper yourself with our 4-step organic ritual for hands and feet, using organic ingredients tailored to your skin needs.
Morjana Orange Treatment 85.00
Jell-O Pedi Spa Treatment
A unique Pedi spa experience that gently exfoliates and softens the skin
PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment
Enhance your skin's health with our Paraffin treatment, enriched with Swiss Apple for age-reduction. This unique blend provides intense hydration, nourishment, and protection.
Revive Treatment 125.00
Note: Each Service For Hands or Feet Will Be Charged Separately.


20min Head Neck and Shoulder Massage 95.00
20min Headspace Massage 95.00
20min Reflexology Hands I Feet 95.00
30min Reflexology Hands I Feet 120.00
Extra French 00.00
Ombre Polish 60.00
Ombre Gel Polish 105.00
Nail Art 15.00
Gel Nail Art 20.00
Nail Repair 35.00
Gel Polish Repair (per nail) 15.00
Gelish Removal 35.00
Ingrown/Dry Skin Removal 30.00
Russian Callus off 95.00
Callus Off 95.00
Extra Scrub 40.00

Soigné Manicure

Soigne Manicure​ 210.00
Soigne Removal
Note: Soigné Removal doesn’t include cleaning, it is for product removal only.

Nature’s Lab

AED 125.00
Indulge in a 4-step organic ritual for both hands and feet, crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients to address your specific skincare concerns. Each ritual comes at a price of AED 120 for either hands or feet, allowing you to target issues independently for each.

Embark on a rejuvenating journey with our treatments:

Step 1: Dead Sea Salt Soak – Start off with a soothing soak to prepare your skin.
Step 2: Scrub – An invigorating scrub to exfoliate and renew your skin.
Step 3: Moisture Mask – A deep hydration mask to replenish your skin’s moisture.
Step 4: Massage Cream – Finish off with a relaxing massage, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

Choose from our 5 specially curated regimens, each designed to tackle your main skincare concerns:

1. ELIXIR – Target wrinkles and acne-prone skin.
2. Pause – Release tension and de-stress your skin.
3. Hydrate – Treat rough or dry skin to a surge of hydration.
4. Gloss – Soothe sensitive, rough or cracked skin.
5. Cleanse – Perfect for oily, acne prone or damaged skin.

Immerse yourself in the Nature’s Lab experience, and give your hands and feet the care they deserve. Each treatment, for either hands or feet, is charged separately at AED 120. Select the regimen that suits your skin the best and let us pamper you.

BASIC (Cleaning)

Manicure 85.00
Pedicure 100.00

Express (Full Colour)

Manicure 90.00
Pedicure 105.00
Polish Change| Hands or Feet 55.00
Add On |French | Hands or Feet 15.00
Add On | GelFull Full Color Polish | Hands or Feet 45.00
Add On | GelFrench Polish | Hands or Feet 55.00
Add On Regular Ombre Hands or Feet 60.00
Add On Gel Ombre Hand or Feet 105.00
Gel PolishChange | Hands or Feet 85.00
LittlePrincess Manicure 50.00
LittlePrincess Pedicure 50.00

Elevate your experience with these Add-ons

French | Hands or Feet

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French | Hands or Feet 55.00
GelFull Full Color Polish | Hands or Feet 80.00
GelFrench Polish | Hands or Feet 50.00

Jell-O Treatment​

Jell-O Treatment is a unique spa experience which gently exfoliate & soften the skin. Relax the mind and body.​ 125.00


Extra PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment 140.00
Callus Off 95.00
Ingrown/Dry Skin Removal 30.00
Nail Repair 35.00
Nail Cut and File 30.00
Gel Polish Removal 35 35.00
Gel Polish Removal 15 20.00
Express Nail Art (Per Nail) 15.00
Gel Nail Art (Per Nail) 20.00
Gel Polish Repair (Per Nail) 15.00
Extra Scrub 40.00

*All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT


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