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The Truth About Blondes

There’s an old saying blondes have more fun. At Tips & Toes this season Hair Artistic Director Catherine Hawkes is exploring this notion by brightening up her client’s dos. “Tips and Toes are introducing the new blonde menu to showcase what you can do with different blondes and what is the best after care for each blonde,” she says of the promotion running from January to February. Known for being a tricky colour to achieve, especially for those with naturally darker locks, her personalised approach sees her create everything from sun kissed to balayage and for some, over time, platinum results. “Anyone can go blonde within reason – if the hair has been previously coloured it may take several months to go blonde, but if you want more of a sun kissed look this can usually be achieved in one session,” Catherine notes.

Not only changing up your look for the New Year, going blonde has a whole host of benefits. “It’s an easy way to try something different,” Catherine says, “It can help highlight and contour parts of your face and even change your complete look.” For those with lighter shades of hair she suggests going blonder with highlights which will naturally lift your look and create different textures throughout your hair, whilst those with darker hair colours have to take into consideration the upkeep and may be better keeping their natural colour at the root then blending down to blonde.

The expectations of her clients are always key with Catherine saying, “What we need to realise is that good hair costs time and money, some hair transformations are not overnight and also will cause some damage to the hair. It is achievable with many hours in the salon and many treatments during the process to allow the hair to change drastically.” She also pushes aftercare which sees her advise her clients on the proper treatments and toners that will be required post going blonde. This is to ensure hair remains looking healthy with minimum damage occurring and results lasting well into 2019.

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