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Reboot Your Skin With The New ANESI Harmonie Facial at Tips & Toes

Indulging in regular facials is not a luxury anymore. With all the harsh elements that affect our skin daily from humidity to sand blowing in the air, to UV rays, facials become a necessity rather than a once-in-a-while treat. And that’s why finding a spa which provides great facials at suitable prices and with impeccable service should be every modern woman’s most important beauty mission.

Having lived in the UAE for the past 13 years, I’ve tried so many spas around the city but one of my absolute and all times favorites will always be Tips and Toes for many reasons: the proximity, the convenience, the ease in booking appointments, the friendly service, and most importantly the excellent treatments at the hands of talented experts. Another thing I like about facials at Tips and Toes is the variety of treatments which cater to every skin-worry you might have whether it is dryness, dullness or lack of firmness.

So naturally, as soon as I heard about the spas’ latest additions to the treatment menu: the Anesi Harmonie facial, I wanted to try it, especially after a one-week holiday under the sun which left my skin dry and in dire need of a lift-me-up booster! The Anesi Harmonie facial treatment was exactly what I needed because it is specifically designed for the sensitive skin to nourish, hydrate it and protect it from inflammation.

The facial was an hour of pure skin indulgence! It started with cleansing my skin then applying the toner. After that the therapist covered my face with a deep nourishing mask, which was 10 minutes of blissful quietness and relaxation. The mask was followed by a gentle soothing massage to make sure my skin absorbed all the goodness of the mask. The final step to this beauty ritual was the hydrating cream from Anesi which is ideal for any thirsty sensitive skin.

To say that this facial left my skin glowing would be an understatement. I truly felt 5 years younger as if a whole new layer of skin grew on my face in an hour! And with the heatwave in UAE just around the corner, the Anesi Harmonie facial is the perfect seasonal reboot for your skin.

Ola Khseirouf is an Arabic/English content creator who has been living in UAE since 2005. Ola has worked as Senior Editor and Editor in Chief in several online magazines before starting her own content solutions agency, Alef Yaa. Her biggest passion is travelling and she enjoys writing about fitness, fashion & all things lifestyle, in her spare time she works on her dream of becoming a health and fitness guru!

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