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What’s The First Thing He Notices About You?

Whether it’s a casual meet-up or a date, opposite sexes notice different things about each other. While a man might notice your eyes or specific parts of your body first, you might probably notice his smile or facial proportions. We set our best scientists and researchers to find out where his eyes will land first; just in case you’re looking to impress someone in particular 😉

1. Look into my eyes.
Eyes are the window to the soul so it’s no wonder that’s what he notices first. In fact, research has found that 70% of men say that a woman’s eyes are the first thing they see, mainly because they feel they can learn a lot about her personality that way. Scientists have gone even further and suggest that an intriguing yet clear look, created with the help of light eyeliner, nude shadow and strong lashes, is all you need to make a man want to know you better.

2. Love the skin you’re in.
Men can actually learn a lot about you from looking at your skin, like the state of your health, your genes and even whether you eat healthy or not. Smooth, soft and clear skin sends off signals that you look after yourself and it’s usually a sign of good hygiene too! Just make sure you never forget to cleanse, tone and moisturize religiously in the morning and before going to bed.

3. Let your hair down
Long, short, straight, curly, plain or bold color, as long as you’re confident enough to pull it off, most men will notice it and love it. While healthy, long and shiny hair is a sign of good health, short and trendy hairstyles add edge and character. Think of your hair as one more way to reveal a little bit of your great personality and use that to your advantage.

4. Mani + Pedi please!
While he might not remember the exact shade of nail polish you were wearing, he will never forget dirty bitten nails or neglected toenails. Your nails speak volumes about your grooming and hygiene habits. It doesn’t necessarily mean constantly painting your nails or spending hours and a fortune in a salon every week but if your nail polish is chipped and you don’t have time for a manicure, simply remove the nail polish yourself and file your nails slightly (until you manage to get to your nearest Tips & Toes that is).

5. Silky, smooth skin!
Should you choose to wear a skirt or shorts, make sure you’ve moisturized your legs and have had the chance to remove any unwanted hair. A little tan can also enhance your natural glow and accentuate your legs, you can get it naturally by spending a little time in the sun or by using a light leg bronzer.

All said and done, no matter how many features our scientists list, remember that nothing makes you more attractive than your smile and confidence so make sure you always wear them proudly.

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