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Have You Ever Fancied Rocking Red Hair? or Sporting a Shocking Violet? What Has Stopped You?

Many times I’ve been asked by ladies of all different skin tones and hair colour about going red or purple, but they don’t think it will suit them. My answer to them is the same as I answer to everyone….

“Any Colour can suit anyone. It’s about how you wear it. It’s all about your inner confidence and personality.”

Sometimes having naturally dark hair, it can be challenging to get the desirable colour as usually Bleaching will be involved. To achieve those amethyst hues and pale pinks you will need to put on the lightest colour hair. If your hair is very Dark or coloured very dark, I would suggest to add in extensions of the desired Pastel shades. This is a beautiful and clever way to make a statement and let your hair Pop! You can achieve the same look as Selena Gomez or Missy Elliot with extensions.

This will ensure you achieve a bright colour without having to bleach or damage your own hair.

Purple hair is always a good option as purple is a mix of red and Blue so it can be a cooler option for those that hate any kinds of orange reflects. What you have to realise with Purple hair is that purple is a dark colour itself. Lighter the original colour has to be to achieve a brighter result. This Process can take several hours and the hair needs to be treated to be kept in the best condition possible.

Red Hair is easier to achieve than purple. However, the right shade is another story. You need to think about the shade of red you want… Do you want a deep dark red or a bright fiery red? Either one can look great on any skin tone as long as the hair is in good condition and styled well.

On Natural hair a darker red can be achieved by just applying the colour, therefore no need to bleach. However, if your hair has been previously coloured you will need to lift the hair to put the colour on top.

Remember the brighter desired colour, the lighter the hair needs to be before applying the Red.

If the hair is very dry or damaged the colour will not look rich and glossy and then the undertone will start to come out. You may start seeing ‘the dreaded Orange’ through your beautifully colourd red.

The best thing to do before going red is to take time to find your stylist, build a relationship and she can start to prep and treat your hair. It will then be in the best condition for your colour transformation. I like to pretreat the hair with Olaplex as it strengthens the bonds and elasticity.

A good example of going any shade is Rhianna… She has worn a variety of shades of Red and Rocked them all.

The maintenance is high for any bright fashion colours so be prepared to refresh the colour once a month to keep the vibrancy. Avoid Swimming pools and swimming in the Sea. The chlorine and salt water bleaches out the colour leaving a faded version.

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