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Handmade Fashion Masks

Face Mask – Blue/Green AED50.00 inc. Vat 5% Light blue cottom face mask with blue/green square side embelishments. Masks & Headbands have been created by the Tips & Toes Ladies. Through their designs, they wanted to make women feel empowered and fashionable. 100% handmade and embroidered by the ladies, the masks and headbands are reusable […]

Kela Hair Offer

Take your hair to stylish new levels with the Australian brand Kela Hair Jewellery. Say farewell to dull-looking hair and transform your tresses with the hottest new hair trend favoured by fashionistas and festival-goers alike. Add a touch of catwalk glamour to your everyday hair looks with these sweet yet chic accessories. From charms, to […]

Trying the new vegan Mani at Tips and Toes

By Danae Mercer Vegan beauty is all the rage – but does it work when it comes to manicures? I’ve dabbled in veganism over my many, many years, often for ethical reasons: helping the environment; saving small animals; saving large animals; reducing my carbon footprint; and so forth. These days, I’m more ‘primarily plant based’ […]

Peekaboo Hair

By Danae Mercer Lessons I’ve learned about coloring my hair crazy shades over the years Plus the slightly secret hair trend I wish I would have known when I was a teen The first time I tried dying my hair a bold, brave color, I was 14. I wanted to be pale blond, a la […]

Getting that instant glow

By Danae Mercer One of my favorite things, my absolutely, hands down, it’s-your-birthday favorite things, is to get a good facial. Facials are the unsung hero of the salon world. They’re like massages, but without all the faff of changing your outfit three times. They’re like an at-home Korean skincare beauty regime, but without all […]

Simple solutions to damaged nails

By Danae Mercer I have a bad habit. A really bad habit. When my nail polish chips, sometimes, especially if I’m stressed, I start to pick at it. I’ve removed entire manicures this way — and recently, my weakened, damaged nails have been revealing as much. To sort things out, I spoke with Maria Tirol, […]

All the tricks to make your colored hair stronger and healthier

By Danae Mercer From special shampoos to home-made hair masks, here’s everything you need to know to keep your treated hair happy I have been dying my hair since I was 15 years old. Add in swimming, the ocean, the sun, and Dubai’s feisty summer temperatures, and these days my hair is feeling a bit […]

Four Fantastic Hair Styles to Have Fun with This Summer

By Danae Mercer Whether you’ve just gotten back from Coachella or are enjoying a whole lot of no’chella, here are some fab summer styles to get your hair ready for any kind of festival. Get into the festival spirit with your bestie with this incredible look. For the style on the left, start with ultra-straight […]


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