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Four Fantastic Hair Styles to Have Fun with This Summer

By Danae Mercer

Whether you’ve just gotten back from Coachella or are enjoying a whole lot of no’chella, here are some fab summer styles to get your hair ready for any kind of festival.

Get into the festival spirit with your bestie with this incredible look. For the style on the left, start with ultra-straight hair (we recommend running a straightener through your hair first — but just make sure you have applied protective hair serum, as that heat can be damaging). Then grab one-inch sections, three on either side of your head. Attach a few pretty baubles to these. We have hair decorations like this in our salons, but you can also find these sorts of accessories at places like H&M.

For the style on the right, take wet hair and put it into about 20 small, tight braids overnight. Let your hair dry. In the morning, unbraid the sections and back-comb them until the waves become larger. If needed, take a crimper to your roots and random sections of the hair so that the volume increases even more.

If you want something festive but still elegant, try this fashion-forward braided high-bun. Start by sectioning off around a two-inch chunk of hair at your crown, from the front of your head to the back. Create a French braid with this until you reach the back of your head. Secure with a pony tail, then pull the loose hair into a high bun. Smooth and curl the end loose sections of your hair.

Sometimes the last thing you want is crazy fringe going frizzy in the great humid heat of summer. For this day-to-night look, grab a two-inch section of hair below your left ear. French braid it toward your left brow, then continue the braid along your temple. End the entire chunk in a braid, and secure it beside your right ear. To get extra fancy, repeat the process on the other side but with the opposite ear. Add additional bling with a few carefully placed hair jewels.

Bring back the 90s with this Spice Girl hairstyle. Start by creating twists all along the top of your head, then securing each twist into a mini-bun at the back. Allow the mini-buns to have additional hair free — this will become your spikes later. Once you’ve finished twisting the top segments, pull the lower half of your hair up into a high bun and secure with a loose elastic band, allowing the ends to remain free. Back comb all the ends.

Extra tip: makeup looks

Festivals are a fantastic chance to get creative. Allow yourself to explore different styles by playing with face paint, eye liner, and bold lip colours. Or if that sounds a bit too complicated, we’ve always got pros in the salon ready to help.

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