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Simple solutions to damaged nails

By Danae Mercer

I have a bad habit. A really bad habit. When my nail polish chips, sometimes, especially if I’m stressed, I start to pick at it. I’ve removed entire manicures this way — and recently, my weakened, damaged nails have been revealing as much.

To sort things out, I spoke with Maria Tirol, nail educator and quality control professional at Tips and Toes.

Step one: Give my nails a healing treatment
Start with Rescue Rxx. This keratin treatment is designed to rescue damaged nails. A mix of jojoba and almond oil deposits keratin to the weakened nails, giving much-needed moisture while helping strengthen them. It also cuts down on additional peeling or splitting.

As for how often to apply, Maria recommends twice daily. “Massage into the entire nail, nail edge and cuticle. And make sure you shake the bottle well,” she says.

Step two: Keep brittleness at bay
“One of the reasons nails might not grow is brittleness, which can lead to nail breakage,” says Tirol. She suggests SolarOil. This blend of light oils and Vitamin E is designed to penetrate and protect nails, while also nurturing and softening surrounding skin.

“The jojoba oil also helps carry Vitamin E into the skin to reduce visible signs of aging,” she adds.

I am told to apply it daily to the underside of my nails and massage into the surrounding skin.

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