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Kela Hair Offer

Take your hair to stylish new levels with the Australian brand Kela Hair Jewellery. Say farewell to dull-looking hair and transform your tresses with the hottest new hair trend favoured by fashionistas and festival-goers alike.

Add a touch of catwalk glamour to your everyday hair looks with these sweet yet chic accessories. From charms, to chains and crowns – the Kela Hair Jewellery range has a unique adornment to suit every style and can even be worn with a Hijab for a trendy yet tasteful look. Add some drama to a messy bun, bling-up a braid or give your up-do a new dimension with these unique and stylish accessories – with an innovative design to ensure your tress-trimmings never slip.

Pick from the full range of Kela Hair Jewellery and pair it with your favourite hairstyle for as low as AED 175.

Get inspired by the below hair styles and have your done today

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