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Protect The Skin You’re In!

Protect Your Skin

When it comes to our skin, we all know better but for some reason, we’re all guilty of skin sabotage. Don’t panic, we’ve gathered some dos and don’ts to help you leave your bad old habits behind:

DON’T sleep with makeup on
Nothing – and we mean nothing – is worse than leaving your pores clogged, bacteria trapped and skin drying up overnight. Not to mention a pillow smeared in water resistant makeup.

Trick: Keep some makeup removal wipes right next to your bed.

DO drink plenty of water
Like it or not, we live in the desert ladies so staying hydrated is a must, not an option. Another perk to drinking at least 1 Liter of water a day is that it helps your skin fight off aging, maintain elasticity and stay soft.

Tip: Never go anywhere without a bottle of water.

DON’T skip sunscreen
Yes, we all want that sun-kissed glow but skipping sunscreen will not get it for you. In fact, you will probably end up with some serious sunburn that can damage skin cells, show signs of early ageing and even cause cancer.

Trick: Nothing less than SPF 30 while outside.

DO leave your skin alone
… As in don’t pick at any little thing on your face. Pressing black heads and picking at blemishes can lead to inflammation, scars and discolorations that can last for months, if not forever.

Tip: Let the professionals handle it.

DON’T overdo it
We all have our bedtime routine: remove, cleanse, scrub, tone, moisturize, etc… but using too many products can do more harm than good. If your skin is becoming flaky and red, it might be time to re-evaluate the routine.

Trick: Keep it soft. Keep it simple.

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