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Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage!

If you’ve already embraced the relaxing and soothing benefits of a head, neck and shoulder massage, read no further. But if you’re one of the last remaining skeptics out there who is yet to experience the many emotional and physical wonders of a head, neck and shoulder massage, you’re missing out big time!

Imagine carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Now imagine someone coming in and lifting that weight off through a series of strokes, rubs and gentle pressure applied to pressure points. That’s a head, neck and shoulder massage for you! Usually recommended to relieve tension and stress that builds up around the neck and shoulder area and leads to overall discomfort, head, neck and shoulder massages stimulate the nervous system, increasing blood flow to the head and easing stress through the release of endorphins, which, in turn, help in relieving pain and giving you a sense of wellbeing.

There are plenty of reasons behind neck pain including but not limited to inflammation, whiplash, sleeping in the wrong position or just a wrong sudden movement. Sometimes the pain quickly goes away on its own, but most times, you need the help of a good massage therapist who understands neck massage techniques as well as how and where to work trigger points in those muscles in order to help you ease the ache and prevent further injury.
Using thumbs, fingertips, palms and fists, a skilled therapist will start by massaging the shoulders and upper chest before moving to the back of the head and eventually applying deeper pressure at the base of the skull.

Typically, people think they need to be lying down for a massage but for a head, neck and shoulder massage, a seated position works much better especially if you schedule it on a regular basis at Tips and Toes, where chairs are specifically designed to help the therapist watch your posture and make sure it’s not to blame for your backache.

Starting at only AED 70, our therapists can lift the weight of the world off your shoulders and help you feel relaxed and rested. Make sure you book your de-stress session today.

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