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Give Me Some Color Therapy!

Tips & Toes color therapy!

Ever stood in front of an infinite selection of nail polish colors, not sure which one to grab, but then chose a color that ‘spoke to you’? You’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone and that the color you end up choosing plays a big role in uplifting or ruining your mood.

We all know that colors affect the way we experience the world around us, our mood and our feelings. Think back to the many occasions where you set foot in a new place and loved it or hated it instantly. That’s the effect of color and interior design for you. The same concept applies to nail polish. Something as simple as the color you end up selecting from that wide range of nail polish could help you transform the way you’re feeling.

Tips & Toes Nail Polish

Let’s take red for example. Have you noticed how you feel more passionate and more confident when wearing it? Do you feel happier and more energetic when sporting yellow? Lucky for you, we’ve almost nailed it to a science and have included a whole palette of colors below that are sure to complement your mood any day.

  • Big meeting coming up? Go Red! The color of passion and power will make you feel more assertive within seconds.
  • Looking for something not too serious, not too shabby? Orange is the way to go when you feel like getting some light attention.
  • Need instant cheering up? You can’t go wrong with Yellow. Use it for those days when you simply need to feel good about yourself and the world.
  • Reviewing your finances? Green gives you a sense of abundance and prosperity just when you need it the most.
  • Feeling blue? Guess what, wearing blue nail polish will help you express yourself better and put those feelings into words.
  • Indigo is the go-to color whenever tough decisions are coming up. It helps bring out your inner wisdom, making it easier to decide.
  • Need some balance in your life? With violet on your nails, not only will you feel more creative, you will also be more in-tune with your life and other people.
  • In the mood for love… or shall we say pink? Thanks to its soothing effect, pink helps you connect with people, nurture friendships and boost your self-esteem.
  • Yet another powerful color, black shrouds you in mystery and helps you protect your boundaries if you’re feeling a little vulnerable.
  • Ah Silver! A shimmering color that will give you an instant positive vibe as well as help you shine brighter, inside and out.
  • Synonymous with abundance and decadence, Gold will help you stand out anytime, especially when you’re in a ‘rich’ state of mind.
  • Just like chocolate, Brown is the comforting shoulder to go to whenever you’re looking for serenity and stability in your life.

But don’t take our word for it, try our TITO selection of nail polish for as little as AED 30 at your nearest Tips & Toes branch and find out for yourself!

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