HalfArm  50.00
Underarm  40.00
Full Arm 75.00
Full Arm& Underarm  105.00
Half Leg 75.00
Full Leg 105.00
Full Leg& Bikini Line  135.00
Bikini Line 50.00
Brazilian  85.00
Bare as youDare  105.00
Back 75.00
Half Back 50.00
Chest  50.00
TummyLine  40.00
Stomach  75.00
FullBody  315.00
Half Bikini 75.00
Toes 15.00
Full face 85.00
Eyebrow  40.00
Chin 30.00
Upperlip 30.00
Upperip andChin 45.00
Sides 40.00
Nose 20.00
Neck  30.00
Fingers 15.00
Eyebrow  35.00
UpperLip  20.00
Chin  25.00
Sides  40.00
Upper Lip& Chin  35.00
Eyebrow &Upper Lip  50.00
Full Face(not incl. eyebrow)  75.00
Neck  40.00
Full facewith eyebrow 95.00
HALAWA (available in selected locations only)
HalfArm  65.00
Underarm  50.00
Full Arm 85.00
Full Arm& Underarm  115.00
Half Leg 85.00
Full Leg  125.00
Full Leg& Bikini Line  150.00
BikiniLine  65.00
Brazilian  95.00
Bare as youDare  115.00
Back  85.00
HalfBack  65.00
Chest  75.00
TummyLine  50.00
Stomach  85.00
FullBody  400.00
BLEACHING (available in selected branches only)
Underarm  50.00
Full Arm& Underarm  80.00
Full Arm 75.00
Full Leg 105.00
HalfBody  190.00
Half Leg 65.00
Chin  25.00
Cheeks  30.00
Eyebrow  35.00
UpperLip  20.00
Face  50.00
Neck  35.00
Eyebrow &Cutting  75.00
Stomach  85.00
Back  85.00
Chest  85.00
FullBody  260.00
Half Arm  57.75
Underarm  46.20
Full Arm 80.85
Full Arm & Underarm  115.50
Half Leg 80.85
Full Leg 115.50
Full Leg & Bikini Line  150.15
Bikini Line 51.98
Brazilian  92.40
Bare as you Dare  115.50
Back 80.85
Half Back 57.75
Chest  57.75
Tummy Line  46.20
Stomach  80.85
Full Body  346.50
Eyebrows 40.43
Upper Lip 23.10
Chin 28.88
Sides 46.20
Upper Lip & Chin 40.43
Full Face (not including eyebrows) 80.85
Underarm 57.75
Full Arms 80.85
Full Legs 115.50
Half Body 207.90
Half Leg 69.30
Chin 28.88
Cheeks 34.65
Eyebrows 40.43
Upper Lip 23.10
Face 57.75
Neck 40.43
Eyebrow & Cutting 80.85
Stomach 92.40
Back 92.40
Chest 92.40
Full Body 288.75

*All prices are inclusive of 15% VAT

*All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT

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Hd eye briws seevice is amazing i liked the idea and thanks to kumari for wounderful service. She is devoted to her job
Shagufta Waseem
Staff Kumari has done amazing changes with my Eye brow . Loved HD eyebrow experience and will recommend to everyone who love HD eyebrow☺️
Sini John
India was superb.. waxing was sooo quick and painless.. gave expert advice on what to do after waxing. She is a great asset to tips and toes
Meera Alameemi
Very happy with Indira khalifa city branch she is so sweet and does her job with perfection I can’t praise her enough. Thank you
Aisha Al Falasi
I always have my facial and hair removal services at the Dubai Festival City branch. Every staff is professional, welcoming and helpful. They try their best to fulfill every customer's needs. Special thanks to Goma who is very patient and friendly. She always make my experiences enjoyable and I feel different after every visit.
Aminah S
HD brows sculpting Excellent and beautiful brows Wonderful service as always. Helpful and friendly staff
Antoinette Chorlton
It’s my first time doing eyebrow lamination with Alisa and it was an amazing experience. The result is absolutely beautiful and natural looking. Alisa is a great technician. Always friendly, kind and a hard worker. Will definitely come back again.
Dina Elahwal
Am very happy with the HD brow service For the first time my eyebrows are perfect Thanks to Indira
Killie Tikari
The HD eyebrows was amazing , thank you Rani from Khaleej , it was very professional technician recommended whoever want to have nice look
Nancy Ghawanmeh
Thank you for the great service offered by Ms Goma and the girls for manicure pedicure also the girls at reception. They are experienced and very professional in their work. God bless you all..
Jeethi Gill
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