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Anesi Facial Treatments

Tips & Toes newest launch will have you squealing with excitement with six new sensational facials and two fabulous body treatments from the Anesi range to indulge in this New Year.

The Aqua Vital line includes the Dermo Peel Expert (AED 420) and the Hydro Detox Facials (AED 262.50) that will deeply hydrate and detoxify the skin.

The Dermo Peel Expert (AED 420) is an enzymatic peeling treatment, which removes dead skin cells to reveal youthful glowing skin beneath, while the Hydro Detox Facial (AED 252.50) will refresh and illuminate the skin with its deep moisturising properties.

The Anesi Lab Institute Cellular 3 (AED525) is the ultimate in anti-ageing treatments, targeting all symptoms of skin ageing. This facial will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, tone skin, remove blemishes and uneven texture and even improve skin sensitivity.

The Anesi Infini Jeunesse Expression Ritual (AED 420) treats all problems relating to the eye and lip contours, treating dark circles and eye bags, smile lines and even lashes and brows.

The Anesi Harmonie Tendresse (AED 420) line is specifically catered to sensitive skin to soothe and prevent inflammation and protect from the inside.

Finally, the Anesi Infini Jeunesse Stem C3 Treatment (AED525) slows and prevents the first signs of premature ageing, protecting the skin’s stem cells from oxidative damage caused by sun radiation and stress.

If this wasn’t enough, treat yourself to one of the new Anesi body treatments including the Parafango Draining & Shaping Treatment and the Parafango Cellulite Treatment (both AED 315), that aim to regenerate, reduce cellulite, induce muscle relaxation and tone & firm your body. It really can be a ‘new-year-new-me’ vibe at Tips & Toes with these innovative new services.

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