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  • 320 Dhs

    Hot Lava Shell (75 Minutes)

    Indulge your self into a blissful treatment of hot Lava Shell melt tense muscle and naturally give off calcium ions when heated which are transferred directly to the skin. Boost circulation of blood and lymph, penetrates deeper relaxation with a miraculous heating system.

    T'boli Rattan Massage

    Introducing a centuries old tradition - the T’boli Rattan Massage. Enjoy a deeper massage experience as the specialised Rattan Poles relieve muscle tension, improve cellulite and aid lymphatic drainage. Available now!
  • 200+

    Full Body Massage (50 Minutes)

    Traditional Balinese Massage

    A relaxing massage inspired by a Balinese ritual. It is slow and gentle, using stretching movements to bring about maximum relaxation.
  • Swedish Massage

    A truly traditional massage with regulated pressure, excellent for releasing knots and tension in the body. Stimulating effleurage and long, strong movements for effectively easing tired aching back and limbs.
  • Shiatsu Massage

    A Japanese masage technique using thumbs, palms and fingers to apply pressure to specific points on the body, promoting health and well-being.
  • Aromatherapy

    A harmonious body massage using essential oils chosen to suit your particular requirement. Deeply relaxing and calming, or uplifting and mind clearing.
  • 320 Dhs

    Sabai Rejuvenating Stone Spa Theraphy

    This advanced tri-phase stone massage theraphy far exceeds traditional stone massage. Sabai's synchronized therapeutic massage, with micronized minerals Malachite and Zincite, de-stresses your entire being…mind, body and spirit. (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • 60 Dhs

    Back Massage

  • 60 Dhs

    Neck & Shoulders

  • 70 Dhs

    Head, Neck & Shoulders

    Relaxing treatments to help relieve muscular tension in the back, neck and shoulders, the most common areas to retain the effects of stress. (20 minutes)
  • 60 Dhs

    Reflexology Hands

  • 70 Dhs

    Reflexology Feet

    Massage applying pressure to points of the feet and hands improving circulation, reducing stress and body tension. (25 minutes)
  • 150 Dhs

    Rattan Foot Reflex

    Is an alternative healing technique that uses Rattan tools to stimulate points of the feet that correspond to vital parts and systems of the body. The technique induces a deep state of relaxation, cleanses body toxins/impurities and is effective for pain management. It is currently available at all Tips & Toes locations.
  • 80 Dhs

    Thai Herbal Compress For Feet

    Reflexology massage followed with hot compress of herbs.(25 minutes)
  • 320 Dhs

    Thai Herbal Compress Full Body

    This Thai herbal ritual offers wonderful benefits of aromatheraphy, heat theraphy and herbal theraphy. It is used in conjuction with traditional massage. Thai Herbal Compress gives a powerful detoxifying and purifying treatment to the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and rebalanced. (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • 320 Dhs

    Tips & Toes Signature Massage

    Signature massage is a combination of acupressure points stimulation, stroking technique accompanied by light bending procedure, the trigger stone which tracing the meridians and the hot compress used for reducing tensions and muscle pain and enhance the system of the body (1 hour and 30 minutes)