TnT LIV Survey

Want to be in with a chance to win a hamper worth more than AED 6,000?

Are you aged 13-24? Enter our super glam giveaway to win an unbelievable array of goodies including an iPhone X, plus lush beauty and lifestyle products from brands including Benefit, Farsali, BrowGal, Kérastase, TITO, GlamGlow, Anesi and KELA Hair Jewellery!

But fear not, while you can't all be lucky enough to scoop the main prize, we'll be treating each and every one of you* to a FREE TITO polish change that can be redeemed at your nearest Tips & Toes branch. Simply complete the below survey and hit Submit to receive your voucher via email.

  • Open to all aged 13-24
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You have $100, how would you spend it? * (List in order of importance)
1. Beauty salon
2. Shopping
3. Restaurant
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If you had a chance to always have one thing perfect, which would it be? *
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