Whether you feel you need a calm and soothing moment away from it all or are ready to reconnect with yourself and the world around you, we have exactly what you need.




We’ve all been there, overwhelmed by everything around us one day and unable to truly connect with our surroundings the other. Not to mention being constantly logged into a digital world that offers continuous stimulation and overloads our senses. When we experience these moments, it’s important to listen to our mind and to our body; only then are we able to truly understand what it is that we need in order to feel better both mentally and physically.

The last few years have taken a toll on our mental health but now that life is starting to get back to normal, our minds and bodies might find it difficult to simply erase everything we experienced during that time. For this reason, at Tips & Toes, we decided to pause and listen to our minds and bodies. Today, we are pleased to offer you the chance to experience two different journeys when you come into one of our branches and long after you have left. You now have the choice to UNPLUG or UNWIND.

In order to enhance how you experience these two journeys, we are offering two different relaxation kits, customized to enhance the experience of your choice.

Each kit will include earplugs or earphones and an herbal tea, along with a card on which you will find a QR code, that you can scan to listen to a selection of guided meditations to help you unwind and regain your focus.

By choosing to either Unplug or Unwind, it will be a break from your usual routine, including endless scrolling and constant screen time. A short digital detox will allow you to disconnect from the noise around you and reduce stress as well as reconnect with yourself and your senses.

At Tips and Toes, we focus on helping you bring out the beauty within and letting your outer beauty shine too. Unplug or Unwind are only some of our countless ways to help you improve your lifestyle and focus on the connections that truly matter.

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