10th January 2020

By Danae Mercer

The secret to great blowouts

Plus info on how to get a salon blowout for only Dhs115 until the end of the year

As a curly haired gal, I resisted blowdries for years. There were way too many experiences of failed style jobs that had my fine but wavy hair going flat within minutes, or of blowdries that left me looking more poodle than perfect.

Then I discovered the power of a well done, nicely styled blow dry — and just how confident and sassy epic hair can make you feel. Turns out, the secret was just in finding a great salon.

Tips and Toes are my go-to now, and I use them for everything from shoots to important events. To celebrate their birthday, the company is offering blowouts for just Dhs115 until the end of the year — which is pretty incredible when you find yourself indulging in them as often as I now do.

As for how to make those blowdries last? Here’s what the brows said.

Get a silk pillow. I’ve known for years that these are meant to be great for your skin, since the silk doesn’t pull as much as cotton does. But apparently they’re the secret to perfecting that long-lasting blow dry as well.

“A silk pillow doesn’t cause static so the hair stays more in place,” says Cat, Tips and Toes Hair Artistic Director.

Spray your dry shampoo before you shower. Dry shampoos have saved me many, many times, but it turns out I’ve been using them wrong.

Cat recommends spraying the dry shampoo before a shower, then whopping on a shower cap. “This soaks up any moisture. Then reapply to fresh hair when styling.”

Try a slick bun when working out. I do this all the time, since I tend to be at the gym a lot. I pile my blowdried hair onto of my head, spin it tightly, and keep it that way all through any workout. When I let it go, it tends to have extra root bounce and some great curl. Dry shampoo helps here too.

If all else fails, hold out on washing. This is honestly my go-to trick. I tend to cling to blowdried hair for a good four or so days, and then the messy bun happens.