March 2020

By Danae Mercer

The power of deep conditioning

Why it’s time to breakup with breakage My goal for this year is healthy hair. Soft. Shiny. Bouncy. The kind that I can run through my fingers and it doesn’t feel so much like straw, and that catches the light instead of looking a bit clumped on my head. The problem is I love blond hair — but I’m naturally a pretty dark, ashy brown. So my approach to healing my long-bleached locks has been twofold: regular conditioning treatments; and slowly, slowly going darker, so that there’s less bleach required.

Conditioning treatments have been an absolute game changer. For years I didn’t understand why anyone would pay for the type of deep masque you can buy far cheaper and throw on at home. Things like Tips and Toes Keratase Hair Treatment have changed my mind. This particular salon gem involves a Keratase conditioning product that’s applied for around 10 minutes, followed by a seal to close the hair cuticles and add extra sheen. The results are solid (particularly when paired with a blow dry, another recent ‘oh so this is what all the fuss is about!’ discovery) and the head massage very relaxing. The going darker side of things speaks for itself. Basically I’m fading out the blond and adding back in my natural brown, with the hopes that at some stage I’ll be able to whop on a few effortless balayage touches without damaging all my tresses. Both sides of hair healing require patience and time, but I can say my strands are healthier than they’ve been in a very, very long time.