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Zechsal foot bath

AED79.20 inc. Vat 5%

The feet form an excellent magnesium absorption point. And a foot spa is also ideal for the expulsion of waste substances from the body. Great just before bedtime!

NB: 750 g refill available from the webshop.

Dosage and use

Enjoy a foot spa twice a week for regular upkeep of your magnesium balance. If you have health problems, we recommend a foot spa every other day, preferably at night before you go to bed. Dosage: 125 g in app. 4ℓ of warm water. The recommended temperature is 37 °C. Duration: at least 20 minutes, ideally half an hour.

NB: not suitable for use in electric foot spas (due to corrosive properties of magnesium, which will affect steel parts such as pumps).

Ingredients: 47% magnesium chloride, crystallisation water.