benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer

AED68.00 inc. Vat 5%

Thin, sparse eyebrows? Abracadabra! Get the brows of your dreams!
Our BROWVO! nourishing eyebrow base has more than one trick up its sleeve…

What kind of make-up looks is it for?

1. It protects and nourishes: leaving brows looking silkier and thicker with each application.
2. It conditions: use it as a base under your make-up to accentuate your brow products’ color and make them last longer.

Best of all?

The keratin and soy proteins in the formula help reveal more beautiful and denser brows.
Wear it alone or under other brow products.

How to use
Magical results in just one click!
For the 1st application: twist the base several times until the gel appears on the applicator tip.
For daily use: twist the base once and apply to the eyebrows. Let the product dry for a few seconds before applying make-up.

Here’s a tip:
Apply it in the evening so it can work its magic while you sleep…