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Let yourself be mesmerised by the authentic body cleansing ceremonies.

Moroccan Hammam Ritual: Black soap exfoliation is central in the Hammam tradition. It is an incredibly efficient ritual of purification. Once toxins are removed, the body breathes.

Voluptuous Oud Ritual: A luxurious and nourishing ritual introducing the legendary Oud fragrance, the most captivating scent from the Orient. This ritual will leave your skin firmer, smoother and deeply nourished.

Thousand and One Nights: The body is scrubbed in a Hammam ritual then gently covered in a clay body mask and finally cleansed removing any dead skin residual, all to reveal a glowing, smooth and rejuvenated

Medina Treasures Ritual: invites you into a cheerful and gleaming medina. It offers multiple benefits and leaves your mind as light as air, whereas your silhouette is visibly thinner.

Turkish Hammam: relax and unwind as we begin this authentic body cleansing ceremony. The gentle heat softens the skin, preparing the body for an exfoliation on our heated stone bed, followed by a tranquil foam massage.

Imperial Ritual: It opens the door of a mysterious and luxurious palace. Here, honey, sweet and precious nectar, will wrap you with richness. All throughout the ceremony, you’ll be under the spell of the magnificent fragrances and textures. Your skin is left silky soft and rejuvenated.

Moroccan Bath with Mineral Clay: Reduces dryness, improves skin clarity and elasticity and has extractive abilities that remove impurities and unblock pores. The body is covered in 100% micronized, smooth powdered Rhassoul Clay, which is organically mined from ancient deposits deep within the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

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