* Required information



    1. Application can be obtained and printed online on Tips & Toes website ( or you can visit the branch to apply. Emirates ID or passport copy is required upon application.

    2. Each application must be accompanied with full payment fees depending on the membership chosen.

    3. Membership comes in 3 mos. (90 days), 6 mos. (180 days). Choose which membership is suitable for you. Membership starts the day the payment is made and firmly expires as noted.

    4. All applications are subject to review by the management and complimentary consultation will be provided to check eligibility.

    5. Service can only be repeated every 48 hours from last session, additional appointments will not be accepted.

    6. Members are entitled to the discount which is only inclusive to the package. LPG service cannot be converted to any other services or products.

    7. No more than 3 visits per week will be accepted, as the body cells require time to recover from previous sessions.

    8. All our memberships are renewable. Memberships must be renewed 5 days before the expiration date. Members will receive a reminder from the branch 1 month before expiration.

    9. Tips and Toes has the rights to terminate any member who commits any of the below: 9.1 Violation on Tips & Toes regulations.
      9.2 Non-payments of services and products.

    10. In the event of cancellation, termination and expiration of the membership, members can no longer use the privileges and benefits of the membership. No refund or reimbursement shall be given.

    11. Freezing can only be done once within the entire contract or period of membership.
      11.1 Payment of AED 100 per month will be required to freeze your membership for any reason

    12. Membership is non-transferrable.

    13. Membership privileges are not available during home services.

    14. Sessions that have been missed while membership is active cannot be refunded nor compensated.

    15. It is recommended to follow LPG program set by both therapist and member during consultation to achieve best result.