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    * Required information


    1. Emirates ID or passport copy is required upon application.
    2. Each application must be accompanied by full membership fees, depending on the application type being applied for. Payments can be made by cash or credit card.
    3. All applications are subject to review by the management.
    4. Membership is valid for one year starting from the issuance of membership card unless the membership was terminated by the management of Tips & Toes. Each membership is renewable and must be renewed 5 days before the date of expiration. Members will receive a reminder from the branch one month before the expiration.
    5. Tips & Toes has the right to terminate any member should she commit any of the below:
        5.1   Violation of Tips & Toes regulations (Tips & Toes regulations are displayed in all salons in the most visible part of the spa)
        5.2   Non-payment of services or products
    6. In the event of cancellation, termination, and expiration of the membership, members can no longer use the privileges and benefits of the membership program. No refund shall be given for early cancellation or termination.

    1. Members are entitled to the discount given on the membership package for services, products, and gift vouchers.
        1.1. Discount not valid on Online purchases.
        1.2. Discount only valid on full-priced services not valid on combo prices
        1.3. Discount not valid on Blow Dry services.
    2. Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.
    3. Not all services will be available to be used with your respective monthly discount, kindly check with your favorite branch before booking.
    4. Free services cannot be converted to cash or products.
    5. Members are expected to follow spa rules and regulations.
    6. Advance notice is required for any appointment cancellation.
    7. Membership discounts cannot be combined with any other packages or promotional offers.
    8. Membership freezing can be done with a monthly fee of AED 100, for a maximum period of 3 months and 1 time per year only. 
    9. Free monthly services cannot be carried over to the following month if not used.
    10. Free monthly surprise gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or any other service/product.
    11. Come with a friend:
        11.1  Enjoy 20% discount* when you pay for the services of 1 friend
        11.2  Enjoy 10% discount* when you pay for the services of 2 friends
        11.3  Enjoy 5% discount* when you pay for the services of 3 friends
        *Discount valid only when the member and her friend/friends book in and have the services together.
    12. Enjoy, relax, and be pampered every time you visit Tips & Toes!