What is the #BFFCHALLENGE?

1 – Pick your BFF and challenge her

2 – Pick a discipline

    • Less Cellulite
    • Loose Inches
    • Reduce Water retention
    • Sculpting

3 – Enter your name with your friends details, both of you have to enter to be considered. 

4 – Wait for the call 

If you win, you and your BFF will both win a FREE Summer Body Transformation.

You will be asked to do 8 sessions of the BFF (Brazilian Fit Firming Massage) in your selected branch. 

8 Sessions = 4 Weeks (2 sessions per week)
You both will be required to commit to 2 BFF Massages per week

The Tips & Toes Marketing team will be taking before, during and after images of your progress. 

Click here to learn more about the BFF Massage

    Height (in cm)

    Weight (in kg)


    Your Body Mass Index is ___. This is considered ____.

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