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  • Removal of Freckles and Age Spots by iPulse

    iPulse can reduce and even remove a wide variety of pigmented lesions including age spots, sun damage and freckles. Excessive melanin gives pigmented areas their dark appearance and iPulse technology can remove these blemishes by targeting the melanin itself.
  • Acne Lesions by ipulse

    The light emitted from iPulse helps to destroy the bacteria which cause acne. By doing so, ipulse dramatically reduces acne and the appearance of scarring, resulting in much clear skin.
  • Skin Rejuvenation by iPulse

    iPulse mimics the body's natural defense against aging by stimulating collagen production. When it reaches the skin surface, new collagen visibly decreases fine lines wrinkles, improves skin tone and reduces pore size, giving the skin a visibly smoother and firmer texture. This gives the skin a more youthful fresh appearance in a natural way; gently toning down the signs of aging.
  • LPG Face Treatment (Lift M6)

    A unique cellular stimulation produces a visible lifting effect; the skin is radiant, the wrinkle are smoothened, and the face contours are redefined and tightened. (Available at selected branches only)