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  • 180 Dhs

    Full Body Polish Treatment

    Aromatic and gentle, this creamy body polish exfoliates dry skin and polishes away toxins. Your skin resurfaces silky-soft and wonderfully hydrated. Ideal as a pre-treatment service. (45 minutes)
  • 300 Dhs

    Silky Skin Body Scrub With Micronized Seaweed

    This therapeutic seaweed wrap contours,firms, hydrates, and re-mineralizes dry and damaged skin. Your treatment begins with a seaweed gentle exfoliation, followed by an application of warm micronized seaweed. You are then wrapped inthermal blankets to ensure your entire body releases stress and toxins. (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • 250 Dhs

    Green Coffee Body Wrap

    Slim and tone your body with a cutting edge cellulite treatment. This slimming and toning wrap stimulates your body's ability to breakdown fat, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention. Pure 100% micronized Green Coffee, naturally rich in Chlorogenic Acid, Polysaccharides, Proteins and Essential Oils, Smoothes and enhances yor skin's overall texture, visibly reducing spongy, dimply, cellulitic areas. (1 hour)
  • 250 Dhs

    Aromatic Anti-Fatigue Moor Mud

    This scientifically proven holistic, healing black magma dates back to ancient civilizations. A warm Aromatic Moor Mud, rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, is generously applied to your entire body. Sore muscles,aches and pains are alleviated as your body's circulation is stimulated and stress vanishes. Ideal for those prone to chronic pain or fatigue, rheumatism/arthritis pain and postsports injuries, stress and fatigue. (1 hour)
  • 250 Dhs

    Moroccan Rassoul Body Wrap

    Volcanic ash is historically recognized as a purifying source for skin cleansing and moisture retention. A warm Rassoul Mud is generously applied to your entire body stimulating the release of impurities. As your skin absorbs enriched minerals, your body radiates healthy purification and deep hydration for a delightful sense of utter renewal. (1 hour)

  • 450 Dhs

    Body Immersion Ritual

    An exclusive Hydro-Coaching program for the body using Grands Flux massage for an intense hydronutritional experience. (1 hour and 30 minutes)
  • 250 Dhs

    Hydro Body Scrub

    Dynamic and tonifying gestures to eliminate excess dead cells and stimulate micro-circulation during the scrub phase to improve the penetration of following treatments ( 45 minutes )
  • 100 Dhs

    French Legs Ritual

    Post-waxing beautifying ritual of sublime naked legs. Post- waxing tested protocol (30 minutes )
  • 475 Dhs

    Morphologiste Ritual

    The 1st Slimming Morphing using catabolic massage and Meso Vector for a deep transformation of the silhouette. ( 1 hour and 30 minutes )